@maddoghall with @teraknor englishman & @LPIUKConnect... not in the midday sun ...

Today I had the privilege of interviewing Jon "maddog" Hall for a podcast which will eventually be shared to the world at large. Whilst the edit will be sometime in the future and the podcast on multiple platforms. Here is a summary of the questions asked ...

  1. The lighter opening question, was "Go back to when you were 21 could you have foreseen Linux?"
    1. What would maddog have foreseen?
    2. What were the wow factors over the last 40 years?
  2. Project Caua, could you explain this to the listener and how this will help the future of Linux in South America (and maybe beyond).
  1. What are the recurring challenges of protecting the freedoms of Linux
    1. What frustrates you?
  1. In the UK, there are still many unaware of the benefits and freedoms of Linux, in education as well as commerce … how would you allay their ‘fear of the unknown’.
  1. If you were to encourage a first time programmer to take up a language, what would it be and why?
  2. Many students are keen on your view of the Raspberry Pi project in the UK.
  3. What question do you wish interviewers would ask you as well as which one makes you wish they would stop asking.
  4. What is your view of certifications and general education in the Linux field

These questions are a compilation of forum discussions with students on TM129, technologies in practice. As well as conversations with educators over the last three weeks.


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