Outstanding, really? ...

This really belongs in my other blog …

My daughter goes to a residential college for special educational needs, like all, it is under the same Ofsted regime many of us enjoy.

It was outstanding, now it is good; subject to a recent inspection report. We have read it as it is available to everyone.

Yet in the post yesterday comes a nice glossy, stating that the college is rated outstanding????

Erm, eh, no!!!!

In fact if anything, one campus (not the main one our daughter is at) managed to get an ‘outstanding’ for some of their provision. But overall the college has moved from outstanding to good.

Considering the current climate, with many further education providers getting ripped from outstanding to satisfactory. The college concerned has survived better than many. Yet the propaganda would tell a different story.

Often parents are reliant on what their child’s educational establishment tells them. Occasionally those who have children with educational challenges are souls who themselves need support.

Unless you have a cynics eye and see beyond the bluster; the truth is often more stark than the saccharine reality portrayed in their glossy.


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