What a great word Monger is and how we use it so little ...

Ok, you know what a fishmonger is, we are all aware of the ironmonger. There have been warmongers amongst many other mongers I am sure.

Etymologically based in Greco/Latin and meaning a dealer of ... something or other. What could you be ... after all what is an educator.

Are you a brainmonger or knowledgemonger, in this current culture you could be a qualificationmonger or certmonger.

For my professional background of computing and related disciplines, I could be considered as a networkmonger but once a codemonger.

Everyday jobs could take on new meanings, a quick trip to the hairmonger, popping out to the coffeemonger, having your legal matters resolved by a lawmonger.

Ok, maybe the last one was a bit silly, but you get my point.

I do like the notion that I may be a brainmonger in the field of internetworkmongery, it has a nice long winded ring about it.

What monger are you?


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