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Simon D, I know that you read my blog, now stop, think and consider this.

You have a smart phone, you have a shiny iPad thingy. Why can't you start your own blog?

You shared that you can't write one, really, why not, everyone has something in them if you think otherwise I may set Brocklebank Senior on you.

Like anything, it comes with practice, the more you practice writing, the better you will become. I have many 1000's of words behind me as a text book author but still practice my discipline. Often through my blogs and some of the material I create for work.

Imaginative and creative writing is not a given gift, it is one that is acquired. Sometimes you will write something that is really amusing, other times, who cares if it is not your best.

Taking one of your posts ....
Like a prison transport ferrying the dammed, crushed into inhumane seats unfit for an infant let alone an adult. We churned our way through the streets of Bletchley. Each pothole and speed hump pressing my knees into the unyeilding resin of the seats in front. I could only dream of the moment the bus would stop and spew the fellow passengers and I onto the pavement.
Ok, liberal does of literary liberties, but who worries. You said the seats were cramped, I think the message gets the treatment it deserves here.

I think you can do it, have a go.


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