Merry Christmas emails ...

In my usual fit of humbug, I feel that it is worth sharing another cynics viewpoint.

Email has been around for some considerable time, but with the real explosion of Internet from the early 90's onwards. There has been a paradigm shift, which has evolved over the last ten years (or thereabouts)

Now the festive season is upon me, I endure two kinds of mass mailings.

  1. The festive greetings from corporate non entities who succumb to the idea that this must be the right thing to do. When you get one from a CyberSecurity specialist, you know that the season is not the time to be jolly.
  2. Then the sales, o lord the sale, will the sales sod off. Every retailler I have mistakenly exchanged virtual cash with in the last three to five years takes the time to pollute my inbox with their prospective wares.
To either party .... please, do piss off and leave my respective inboxes alone. I will come and find you if I need you, you don't need to impose some seasonal sensibility on me or your 1000's of other hapless recipients. The chances are the majority of us are too busy to read your dull output and those who have the time may not be those who you are hoping for custom from


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