Hey hey, its the last minute rush before Christmas ...

And I do not mean the Christmas shopping experience.

If you have never noticed this, then you are either unemployed, not in need of employment or too lazy to read your emails.

Over the last week, it is as if everyone is trying to discharge all their pending items (onto you), in that pre-Christmas seasonal desire to ensure that you endure the festive season with the foreboding that come January you too will have 'things to do'.

My problem is, if it sits on my 'to do' list for too long, i tend to delete items based on the giving a damn theory. If nobody else is giving a damn and not asking me for something, then surely it was not important in the first place.

The net result, with the cumulative effect of the Christmas break, stuff will rise to the ignore pile quicker due to the volume of disinterest imposed by 1.5 weeks off.

I am sure there is a salutatory expereince in this somewhere.


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