Arguing with idiots ...

After over 4.5 years at OU it is the first time that I have had to apply the following axiom …  "Don't argue with idiots, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience".

Discretion prevents me from sharing too much, fortunately they do not work in my faculty. Yet seem oblivious to the impact that they may have on the final product being shipped out to students.

Fortunately we have an outstanding curriculum manager who has the patience of the sanctified. Otherwise it would have been soooo tempting to pop along and tear the muppet in question a new one.


  1. Ha! Know that feeling. I've had a similar day - but not in my workplace, they're all lovely :)

  2. As Albert Einstein said:

    Only two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former.


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