Saying something positive about the #Olympics ...

Often weary of the negative hype of the media, always looking for something at fault and available for criticism, with members of the governments opposition jumping in. On behalf of my wife, daughter and oneself i would like to say ...
"Thank you London 2012, today has been an immensely enjoyable experience"
We are not particular sports fans, but with the Olympics being a once in a lifetime experience, we decided to request tickets when the 'lottery' started over a year ago. Unsuccessful, we were determined to get tickets, getting up early on the day they opened the 'free for all' at 06:00.

I felt we were fortunate, getting 3 tickets for the Ladies Hockey and Football Final ... neither sports are 'our thing' but with a 16 year old daughter, each seemed appropriate. We did not want to spend too much money, but wanted to have that memory, as chances are, we may never see any Olympic event again.

So, maybe we were a little bemused when so many were complaining about the lack of tickets. Or was it the lack of choice, or as we decided lack of willingness to go and see something that was different.

Now to today ... wow what a painless seamless and practical experience, from end to end we had excellent customer service from everyone.

We booked the park-and-ride from Hertfordshire, we worked out that it was both the easiest and cheapest route from our part of England. At £18.00 for all of us it was a bargain. We parked with ease, found our coach with no difficulty and had a pain free trip into London with plenty of time to spare. The Coach drop off is in easy reach of the Olympic Park.

All coach staff were helpful at Park and Ride as well as terminus.

Guided to the entrance, the security and Olympic staff were very polite, professional and perfunctory. This station was staffed by soldiers and a credit they are. Even though one of us had to be patted down, we could say that it was done with more courtesy than has been my experience in some international airports in the UK and farther afield over the years. One soldier was a credit to their regiment at that moment, doing a job that others should have been doing.

Once in, the Olympic Volunteers were wonderful, our daughter has been struggling with serious asthma for the last couple of weeks. In no time, one found the shuttle bus and made sure that we were on it.

Hockey being on the other side of the park was an easy 1/2 hour walk, they made sure that we could get across with little difficulty and comfort for our daughter. No question too daft, everyone willing to help and made sure you were helped.

The two Hockey games were fantastic, yes, not all seats were taken, i would guess that the stadium was at 60%. But the section we were in, were all the D category tickets (yep the cheap ones), and it was full, nearly no seats wasted. Happily chatting to an adjacent family there were there for the same reasons (once in lifetime, no interest in Hockey, but the tickets and experience made it worth it). We would begin to agree that it is the 'others' who have rights to tickets that may be the issue here. Not the UK, we certainly snapped up those good value tickets when they were available.

We could give a summary of each match, Netherlands vs Japan was very interesting and seemed to be a close match with a final 3:2 result, whilst the Netherlands had the lead, Japan did fight back. With New Zealand vs South Africa, having a result of 4:1, it was a more aggressive game with both teams 'giving it some'. This was the more entertaining match, for novices we could see more action in the same time period.

The vibe with the crowd excellent, plenty of supporters of all teams and a few Mexican waves to keep up the spirit.

Getting out, back and home was equally pain free, the staff all on hand to help and advise. Ensuring our daughters comfort and that we knew where everything could be found.

So, please, media, report on the sport, if there are issues, it is not something that is being experienced in the Olympic Park, when we left our two matches at lunch time having arrived at 07:10. The park was a heaving mass of humanity all in good spirit and looking to enjoy the many different sports on show.

Now looking forward to the Football at Wembley ... not been here either.


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