HE in FE is it a con?

Having taught HE in FE over four years ago, I used to manage a programme where over 95% of the students enrolled came from our FE college already. So, they did know that they were coming onto a programme that was already at their college.

This article from the The Times Higher Education, does concern me.

Whilst one was in a situation where we worked with local students to give them a local choice, we made it very clear that they are moving locally from their level three qualification into higher education.


  1. I coordinate and teach on a Foundation Degree in Computing and that THE article got me rather riled. We get many students who for all sorts of reasons don't want to or can't go away to university. To suggest that they are not making an informed choice certainly does not match my experience.

    In fact we regularly get students coming to us who HAVE been away to university and had a very unsatisfactory experience with minimal tutor contact.

    I was also rather shocked by the ignorance shown by HE staff in the comments on the article who clearly have no idea about how HE in FE works and regard us as second class citizens... Disappointing...

    1. Have seen similar and this was from ten years ago onwards. Having seen the best and the worst from both HE and FE, there is a misconception amongst many in HE that they 'know what they are doing' (and not too different in FE I find) ...

      There are plenty of FE colleges who are running rings around many universities when it comes to the polytechnic level education. Where many ex-polys have entirely lost what 'got them into higher education'.

      Me thinks, this is a couple of posts for another time.


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