Raspberry what?

Sitting with a group of educational professionals who come from different parts of this sceptered isle. They all work in the ICT sector, they all teach subjects that include programming and hardware. They are all noted experts, otherwise I would not have been with them and presenting.

So, question asked "any of you used a Raspberry Pi yet?".


Next question, "do any of you know what a Raspberry Pi is?".

Tumbleweed ... and a private moment of angst.

They were not being shy, they did not know, honest guv.

So, one did explain, one did encourage and after five minutes it could be said that some may engage and use them to enthuse the students they teach.

I cannot work out how they missed out on this advent of teaching technology, where they were on the 29th of February and what news comes their way.

One hopes that they may do something with what was shared and the ideas on what may be a good way to teach many IT topics, including programming.

Off to bang head against wall.


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