Recollection ...

Often at dinner parties you get some interest when I share that I used to teach in a further education college. Often this would be followed by a statement, vaugely resembling "bet you are glad not to be teaching the kids anymore".

My normal retort is, most of the time the Kids were fine, you would only get the occasional one. But the staff, now that would be different. For someone who is sixteen, an emotional childish outburst is part of the rich tapestry of 'growing up', we have all done it and many learn from it. But some of the childish, obnoxious behavior I have seen from 'so called' professionals over the years would make you wince and holler with laughter at the same time.

After all, should they not know better.

Maybe I should start sharing some tales, with interesting facts obfuscated.


  1. On the other hand, as someone who started teaching at an FE college in 2001 after 18 years working in industry, I can tell you that I encountered many, many more instances of unprofessional behaviour in my previous career!

    Now, it could be that I was simply lucky having a Grade 1 college just round the corner but, with few exceptions, the whole workforce from lecturers to managers to support staff are a thoroughly professional bunch who are a pleasure to work with!

  2. Wondering if it was the same grade one college I worked at?


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