If I like WikiLeaks does it ...

Make me a bad person, will the government mistrust me. Do I get flagged as subversive or a risk, will they start a file on me.


Has this already begun, am I public enemy not quite number one (maybe add a few zeroes).

So if I agree with Wiki Leaks, do I become a political liability, will those in authority mistrust me, will there be a trumped up case trying to frame me.


So, do I say #iamspartacus do I shout at tax evaders, Nick Clegg or a few trees, is it better to conform, rebel or fight from the inside, or not at all.

We are living in interesting times, sadly not exciting, amusing or free.

So dear watcher in Cheltenham or Langley or anywhere else (will this packet be sucked into China?), its nice to meet you, this is a little hello from me.


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