Ask yourself :

There is something to be said about the phrase, ‘misery loves company’, in spite of the fact this pithy wisdom refers to the need for those with woes to share them. There is another reality, many of us cannot stand those who are cheerful and happy all of the time.

Don’t they just make you want to ... [fill in blank]

At this time of year, one encounters souls who are full of the joys of the season. Children I can forgive in abundance, this is the season for them, but adults who, in the absence of the required child are still optimistically cheerful, need help, preferrably with a gentle stoke of a cricket bat over the head.

Why, please why?

In some event where to encourage adoption of a new faith the suggestion of joint celebration between ‘faith’ and ‘pagan mid-winter feast’ may come together has now become a time for optimistic spend/spend/spend. In fact christmas is reported as bad, if the sales are up/down/different per week/month/day/nanosecond against last year or some magical past decade.

Again, why, please, please, why?

So, those who may have a more sober seasonable view are more likely to be comparatively miserable. For my mind, they probably understand better the significance of the season, rather than the fool hardy ones trying to reinvent a childhood lost.


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