Framing the framework ...

Maybe I am not playing ball here, maybe I have not aligned my mind with the crowd, but for the love of cheese, why do we need another framework.

In the murky world of education there are more frameworks than one could feasibly shake a stick at, some influencing education, others acting as an interface between education an other stakeholders. And sadly some that serve no discernable purpose except to entertain the owners of the framework (there I said it).

When I deal with employers, educators, learners and their parents, I never ever hear the mention of frameworks, ever, not at all.

Why is this?

I don’t dispute the need for structure, I would equally advocate the need for a tools to link different bodies.

But, sadly, education has become a little framework silly.

So, if anyone is looking for a new framework, I do think there is space, there is a need for the framework-framework used to describe how frameworks fit into any given framework.

Do you think it will sell (I do).


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