Now for a thought on local higher education

..... To stimulate discussion, for the last fourteen years I have never worked in the town that I live in, so when you read this article, take care not ot jump to any conclusions.

Passing the local college today, I could see that their local higher education centre is near completion ready to take on the custom in what I personally feel is an enterprising endeavor (or is it).

You have to think, that in these economically challenged times, where my university is rife with serious discussion on the shape of things to come, this college has either:

    Been incredibly forward thinking and has considered the potential of how the changing higher educational climate will benefit them


    Has stepped too late into a market that is becoming more competitive, with reducing funding imminent and more student uncertainty.

The ideal of localizing higher education, does appeal, so long as the level/standard is appropriate, in the past before the economic uncertainty I was promoting my own higher educational offering on a “quality without debt” mantra. One can never be too sure that we were doing the right thing, but looking at what is happening now, I think we may have been ahead of the curve a little too soon.


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