Dear pompous, fear not, a fool I not be

... Interesting dealings with a couple of centres today, having had no reply to emails about forthcoming quality review visits I get two very different responses:

Centre A : small operation, has a can do attitude, sees that there is an issue, but will get into gear and resolve the issue

Centre B : somewhat bigger, pompous peri-farting, asking why I have not contacted X in the first instance, when told that the details were of someone else in the organization; indignation, blaming others. Amazingly when centre told that they could change their own details, the information was amended within five minutes.

The reality is, when the reviewer visits and completes the audit, they have the authority to ‘block’ preventing the centre from awarding what may be a considerable range of qualifications based on their judgment.

Hard to remain impartial isn't it ....


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