So many words, so little interest, I think ...

Have you ever had the issue of trying to follow an email conversation, especially when the thread is drawn out.

    Not easy.

One thread can be a little bit of a challenge, when the threads are multitude the conversations many and worse still, many of these threads are interwoven.

    One could be excused for becoming a little confused.

I am sure there are many tools to manage the many threads, I have seen some in the past but alas they don’t keep a track of the many new emails you may spawn as a result of one conversational thread you may have generated.

    Resulting in potential confusion, more often a reduction in personal productivity.

The reality in my mind, is how many opportunities are missed as a result of this communication form and how unproductive this ‘high speed’ communication medium may be.


  1. Mark and I were discussing this very thing over dinner, in the context of your very efficient e-mails. is a pretty good place for e-mail good practice.


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