Couldn¹t stop laughing ...

The silly season is upon us, the national academic machine grinds forth, back in action after its brief seasonal hiatus.

As is normal, those in the system, allegedly making decisions about what is done when, by whom and for how much are starting to kick out ideas of which consultants are to do what work.

Was approached three times today for different ‘consultancy contracts’:

Number1: not bad, fee ok, just timescales and load means that may be best to give a miss, after some negotiation, may end up sharing with another esteemed soul, so not a bad result.
Number2: silly deadline, not a request, more of a ‘telling me’, no mention of fee, knowing work from the past it is not worth effort for return, so I share that one is busy.
Number3: left rolling around in laughter and tears, when shared with wife, the laughter continued, silly deadline, fee of £100 for what is five days work on complex subject.

I declined Number3 as well, didn’t quite feel that I was the right person for them.


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