Confessions of a Linux Convert ...

Ok, I admit it, there was a time when I used to be a complete Microsoft fan boy, it was shameful, taking the proverbial ‘Michael’ out of Linux enthusiasts. Before this I was working with Novell, having used both the Bindery and NDS, before acquiring an active directory and Windows desktop skill set.

Now, times having changed, using (or abusing) one operating system is a risky business, in my home, we have Windows 7, Mac, Ubuntu and XP running, at work I have a Windows 7 professional machine and various flavours of Linux running on different boxes in our server room.

Do I think Linux is the best ... Not really, do I think any other operating system is better, nope, not at all. Linux has many advantages, which gives it considerable commercial potential, until support and documentation is standardised. There will always be issues, but saying this there are many who could level this complaint against Microsoft and Apple.

Where I tend to sit, is on the line of technical and commercial expedience, if the technology is fit for purpose and can be supported by those using it. The technology is therefore good, and should be used accordingly.

From an educationalist perspective, I am happy to teach whatever the demand decrees, happily working on both Microsoft and Linux courses at the Open University. Sincerely hoping that each in time will develop and expand.



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