Chaos Theory ...

What would you do if you could control chaos,
Could you,
Would you,
Do you believe that it is possible?

I don’t, there are many who try, spending lifetimes on experimentation and research to come one step closer to the unreachable.
Noble efforts in the maelstrom of reality.

Scientists are perplexed by dark matter, it undermines their understanding of other foundation principles, relativity, it appears simply does not add up.

Maybe it cant, or, maybe we cannot, but lets be fair it does not stop us from trying.

If you believe, or even if you doubt, or are one who is sure that there is nothing to believe.

Maybe we can agree on one thought.

If the universe is so chaotic, then what is the mystery holding it together, how are these incomprehensible factions all managing to keeping it going.

I am always up for a better answer than the one I have, yet I have found none as forgiving.


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