Not in ... What my out of office autoresponder should say ...

A rise to all of those in email land:

I want it tomorrow, give it to me,
I have sent you an email, now its your respons-ibil-ity.
My work is last minute,
My planning is none,
I give you an instruction,
Now MAKE SURE its done!

You are not my manager, I don’t report to you, if I am on holiday, this is how I can help you ...

I may ignore your email, let my out of office do the work, come back from my break, and think you’re a berk!

I may consider a response,
Maybe pen a reply,
I might do something about it,
Or go swat a fly.

Email is not a tool, to disavow your role, if you want anything, others need to know.

It may be urgent for you,
it is not for me,
you want to send,
go, email, do job, be free!

Making demands, will not encourage, giving deadlines, will not entertain, if you are lucky, you may get my distain.

The moral of this tale, is that,
interesting it is not,
whenever you send an email,
that may need to avoid the bin,
take the greatest care,
over content within.

Ok, rhyme is not my strong point, but I am on a short break away at the moment, some of the emails I have seen crack me up. Those who are in some authority, in relation to myself tend to send courteous emails, which encourage me to consider a response based on their need. Whereas those for whom have no authority, tend to send more demanding emails with ultimatums and deadlines ... so, one does become a little immune to their need.

Send me a request and I will help, send me a demand, and amazingly I tend to lose interest, now isn't that a surprise.  


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