Floating towards 1000

In the world of the Open University, 1000 is an important number, but not an abnormal number with some courses attracting over 1000 students on each presentation. When we worked on the initial proposal for T155 Linux: an introduction, we envisaged 250-300 a presentation, considering it to be a valid niche interest course.

Well ... Yes it is a niche interest, but a slightly bigger niche than one had appreciated. Already averaging 500 students per course, in under six months, we have  reached over 1000 students. We are getting impressed noises from members of the Linux community.

The course does very much what it says on the tin, we originally mapped it to the CompTIA Linux+; with the change in certification, we are now mapping to the CompTIA Linux+, Powered by LPI 101, (and over 50% of the 102).

So, the question I ask myself and all others reading this ...

  • Is it the subject that is attractive?
  • Why do so many want to learn more about Linux?
  • Is the certification link a key element?

Your wisdom will be appreciated.

If you don’t as yet know about this course, please go to: http://www3.open.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/course/t155.htm


  1. Linux is a industry standard. Understanding it increase your chances of succeeding at your next job interview. Chances are this very web page and the Open University Portal runs on Linux. Akami cloud runs on Linux. They power Windows Update service and other Microsoft High Demand servi es like man or McAffee for instance. Google Search runs on Linux. Routers, switches, heck whole IBM is Linux. Where did you get the impression Linux is a niche market?

  2. My apologies for the typos. I was typing from an iPhone, which naturally runs on Unix =) Akami = Akamai, man=msn.


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