Newspeak .... not ingsoc

In a soon to be regular theme to my blog, I will share corporate hype, jargon and general bluff, taken from different official sources. The following is a extract from a document circulated at a meeting I am currently attending ...

Foster and recognise focused innovation to improve the quality and efficiency of the Faculty’s core activities, models of operating and processes, using a norm-driven approach where appropriate

So consider the following questions:

    • What is appropriate, therefore more importantly what is inappropriate
    • What is focussed innovation?
    • How would the focussed innovation improve quality and efficiency
    • How can innovation be constrained in this way
    • What is the norm, if so, would this not stifle innovation

If you understand this ‘jargon riddled’ statement, please share, otherwise shake your head in despair.

Andrew Smith
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  1. Sounds like your faculty has been using the services of my favourite management consultants!


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