In a state of connected bliss!

Ok, many of my blog posts often wander into avenues before returning to common themes, that is who I am.

Being almost the same personal age as the internet, one has had almost continuous access to computer technology for over 28 years. Therefore living the ‘connected’ lifestyle has been a evolutionary process still remembering when ones day did not require the checking of the email on awakening, to see what has come in overnight from around the world.

Yet for the generation of today, it is part of live, so why the commentary?

Now being able to access the internet from a wealth of technologies, my students, colleagues, professional contacts, friends and family can connect with me, wherever, whenever and however. I can share experiences, ideas and facts using a range of platforms, including blog, email, facebook, twitter and more.

Students for me are less affected by my travels, previously working in a face-2-face teaching environment, the impact of my travels was noticeable. Now, in a distance learning world, there is minor impact. Some of my students have not realised that I am away, nor should they.

Whilst the internet has become the great enabler, I am also aware of the invisible chains that shackle me. When someone was once not contactable, it was normal, we waited. Now I perceive that some feel that this is the height of inconvenience even thoughtlessness on the part of the soul seeking some space.

Therefore, for young and old, being connected is excellent, but remember the need for space, where no one except those most precious to you can contact you. It is normal, it is acceptable and yes it is a lesson I need to learn.

Andrew Smith
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