Climbing the Ranks #Linux #T155

For various valid administrative reasons the bureaucracy at my University, delayed the inclusion of “T155 Linux: an introduction” onto our courses and qualifications system (the public website) on the 25th of January 2010. Only 13 weeks before the course starts. With many courses enjoying at least a six month lead on promotion and recruitment, panic stations (mental image of flashing lights and sirens).

Now, with, 6 weeks to go, we have over 200 students, having pulled all the stops to recruit students.

Question : is it the presence of the Open University
Answer : it could be, but that would rely on customers finding the course by accident

Question : did a mass mailing help
Answer : most likely, it at least was a way of preaching to the converted

Question : now you are beginning to rank (13th) in a Google search for ‘Linux course’ (
Answer : we cannot say, with only seven weeks, since we started tweeting the course with the support of many friends as well as blog entries, we as yet cannot be sure if it is an automatic association with the Open University site ( or via Google tracking the tweets, tweet tags, tweetfeeds or retweets?

Nevertheless, thank you to those who have blogged this (special thanks to @liamgh) and others who have tweeted (special thanks to @comptiauk) and we are still learning how this course is reaching the wider world around us (maybe you want to add a comment)

Andrew Smith
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  1. Hope this course is a success as I plan to take it in October 2010.


  2. Trust me Colin, so do I (hope its a success)[intend it to be a success]


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