How many blogs can a blogger blog?

Whilst this post is not a parody of the Dylan classic, one asks the retrospective (not rhetorical) question, how many blogs can a blogger blog, before one is called a blogger of note.

Not particularly interested in quantity, notoriety or fame, after a period of blogging last year for the Cisco Learning Research Collaborative, I became a convert (in part) to the impact of the blog as a communication format.

Having a way to share your thoughts with many, encourages reflection and consideration, taking the time to think about what I am writing and ensuring that what I am writing is what I believe and what I mean (well at least what I think I mean).

Feedback is essential, the challenge as well as the agreement, the different voice with their own informed view on your thoughts is often more personally rewarding than the original thought shared.

Now having been asked to contribute to two key blogs and maintaining my own, I have to think how I may save on effort and ensure I have plenty of new and hopefully original thoughts. There is only so much ones cerebral muscle can expel.

Andrew Smith

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