Why I am #IN not #OUT and all for #REMAIN ...

So that some Brexiteer does not have an emotional aneurysm - this blog is entirely my personal and very biased opinion. If you do not like it, go somewhere else for another biased dialogue.

I am in, I have voted in, I have voted to stay, to remain part of the EU and why is very simple:

  1. With over forty years of integration - will it be easy to financially unpick ourselves? Having chatted to an eminent economist - his words were 'this is not the best time', in fact his other words were 'it is too complicated for anyone to actually know, however the markets will decide'. Funny they have already done this and sadly it is not in our favour.
  2. You racist bastards - whoops did I use a rude word. Rhetoric that has come from both the moderate and extreme ends of the Brexit debate leaves me numb. Speaking to a very active hard working non-brit european recently - suddenly your shit is scaring them. I am scared that we are turning into the euro-racists of pre-1939. Some similarities have been seen and worse is that it is not like our European cousins cannot see what we are saying - the Internet is clever like that. 
  3. Go and check how many Brits reside in Europe.
  4. What Army - really what army - who whipped that up. There is little evidence and chances are it was notional discussion now played out of proportion. Yet we have fucked up our own defence capacity and using French and NATO resources for our own defence. ... Sigh!!!!
  5. Enforced red tape and legislation - apparently we have agreed to 2500 regulations, and disagreed with 50 ... other nations tend to abstain. So what this is diplomacy at work. Human Rights and Working time directives as well as pay equality and other working rights have come from Europe. It is easy to blame Europe for what is in my experience is often our own screw ups.
  6. Jo Cox - I doubt we would have ever agreed politically on many things - but the fall out from this is far from over. What have we become that one of us considered her murder to be a reasonable response.
I am under no illusions about the perfection of Europe - it isn't, however, nor are we. What will we do on our own. The notion of our spending power by not paying our levy (which is a pittance compared to our GDP) will be immediately diminished by the drop in the value of sterling if we vote leave.

Rant over - I voted in via postal vote some time ago. Tho some asshat will try and claim that this makes me untrustworthy.


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