Day #5 of #Brexit ... nope, still ain't doing acceptance ... not yet ...

I am still so far from acceptance that it will seem that I am condemned to a Sisyphean mental loop, continually rolling by ball of anguish up the Brexit hill. In plain English – one is screwed to relive this nightmare again, again and again.

Pseud moment and rant over. I still have been unable to fathom what has taken place. Somewhere between a matrix’esque dystopian nightmare and something from Noddy in EU Toytown is taking place at national level.

Farage knows how to rabble rouse and in some ways his speech at the EU assembly was the kind of bolshie I like. Yet – he could not help go that one step too far and down scale his output within minutes.

Is this a cynical ploy to kibosh any negotiations as nationally he will not be involved at any level – instead resigned to pissing from the side lines of history. I also wonder if any of his chums have been betting on the outcome. Early reports suggest that even this outcome has caught old Nige a little unawares and he is now galloping to catch up.

Should I concede to the national sentiment – as yet I am undecided. Never having been one to toe the party line – there is too much to dislike coming out of this to be assured that we have made the right decision.

Looking at the social media vox pops, I do know that nobody knows. I can see that five days in everyone is still guessing and providing entertainment for the international media. I suggest you take the time to review the media from some of the other English speaking nations. It isn’t pretty and nor is it particularly complimentary.


  1. As the man said at the 27th floor of the Empire State Building, on the way down - the quick way - on the outside "So far so good".

    Reality - we're still in. There was no plan in place for the vote that happened. Anyone in a position to do anything is stalled until the outcome of the Tory leadership election. When that happens, any sane person needs to discover how we unpick EU law from UK (well, E&W, NI and S) laws. That's 40 years of regulations, directives etc. to be checked, reviewed, assessed and new bills drafted. That could take a while. Meanwhile, we have to continue to implement new EU law into UK law - but also make sure we know whether we propose to keep it or remove it post-exit. And all of that preparation just gives us our initial bargaining position. The Civil Service and the lawyers are going to do well out of this - and since at least one of that group is paid by the hour and the page it won't be quick.

    It's all rather confusing really - fortunately. I can't decide if it's going to be one, two or ten general elections before there's any external sign of movement.

    Meanwhile, I get angrier and angrier at the dimwits who think that ECHR is an EU initiative, cite that as a reason for voting to leave, and then misquote Churchill at me.

    P.S. "toe the line", it isn't a tug of war - or maybe in this case it is.


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