The utter cheek ...

Sometimes you have to admire the chutzpah of others - sometimes they take it too far. A former student with whom I am still connected on LinkedIN made contact. Knowing the soul of old and curious that they felt that I should call them - I pursued the matter.

It did not take long - within a couple of hours they were back online.

Having years of teaching experience, there is a knack to telling someone what they need without telling them. Already sensing a piss take - I had to play along.

Lo and behold - really what utter rollocks - and it would seem that this soul has forgotten that I also never suffered fools gladly. Let them hang and let them look - if they want my time I do offer consultancy as do some of my other ex colleagues from the education establishment frequented by this soul. I hope they offer them a much better deal than I was able to offer.


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