Lets face it - @CiscoNetAcad is a mind expanding drug ...

Forget the nasty weed or a chemical high - the experience is short lived. Don't bother with Beer, Spirits or Wine - there are many geeks out there that will tell you that Cisco is the best mind expanding drug there is.

Taking the CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) is a step into the unknown and a step way beyond all that you thought you could do. You think you know networking - then give this a try. It makes and breaks and has made grown men (and of course women) cry.

Fact after fact, technology galore - making networks talk it is a case of more upon more. By the time you have completed Introduction to Networks - your synapses are fused, what seems like hell is only the start of your head being abused.

As you discover each new technology and manage to get it to work - it does become obsessive as you internetwork. If you do not understand this - ask a Cisco geek or give it a try. It has made careers for many, it is worth it, do not be shy.


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