Two little words ...

Was at a meeting recently for an organisation other than my own.

Most of the meeting was procedural; matter of fact and 'getting on with it'.

Then the matter of the organisational mission statement came up, it will please you to know that it comes in three parts ...

  • The vision statement
  • A mission statement
  • And a 'values and norms' statement

I have never been a particular fan of these articles; often wondering if the organisation actually adheres to these statements. Leaving them as mere mumbo jumbo to be muttered by a compliance Shamen at the start of some inner sanctum meetings.

Yet this meeting wasted considerable time on rehashing TWO words of this statement.

It would be inappropriate to share the ones I heard, but take the time to go out there and have a look for these vision statements. They are all variations on a theme and they all say NOTHING.

So with this in mind, I have wondered what my 'vision statement' should be.
Andrew Smith transforms the community through sarcasm and wit.
Too pithy maybe?
Andrew Smith enhances society through a dynamic continuum of social media intellect.
Thats better, I feel I said less here, or more suitable.
Andrew Smith enhances our wider society through a dynamic continuum of social media engagement.
I can do them all, but the last allows me to be as bland as feasibly possible and always able to meet my vision. There is always a chance that i may not be sarcastic nor witty, which is always a risk and a vision I may not entirely accomplish.


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