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Whilst still very happy in ones ignorance of Shakespeare, our second outing was undoubtedly equally as impressive as our first experience.

Shirley and I promised ourselves some time ago that we would attempt to try all the cultural stuff that we other otherwise never bothered ourselves with. In many ways, when it comes to the ‘arts’ we willingly admit to being lacking.

So, in a tweet does one decide where our second outing descends?

Being a bit of a Fry fan boy, seeing a tweet months ago on his part as Malvolio in the Twelfth Night at the Globe no less spurred me into action. Planning into the future is always an interesting challenge, work logistics, child logistics, and the weather in October. So with all that in mind, one booked the ‘better view’ and ‘covered’ seats.

Anyway we got there, intact and open minded.

The Globe is a very interesting theatre; it does create an intimacy with the stage (and therefore the cast) something many typical theatres lack. If you are looking for opulent comfort, then the Globe is not for you, do pay the pound to hire a seat cushion, they really have tried to be authentic.

Now to the cast and the play … wow; our last (and honestly) only experience of Shakespeare was Macbeth at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford Upon Avon. We also decided if we were going to experience Shakespeare we may as well do it properly.

An all male cast, with three female roles, it was superb, the gender ambiguity added to the comedy of the play. Facial comedy, vocal timing and eccentric movement, presented by a set of actors at the top of their game. I think that we are still luddites to the arts, but would happily applaud this to anyone and now we are considering what our third Shakespeare is to be (or not).


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