Dingbat ...

If music be the food of love, then play on, but if you like the Prodigy and Firestarter then keep playing (it louder).

Within a year of joining the world of education, a colleague I had started with had moved on to a college in the west country (and to be never heard of again). Their replacement was an interesting soul, very good at the gab; but a bit rubbish at matching this with any content.

As an educator; you get 'non teaching time'; to prepare lessons, manage student support, mark work and  do all the exciting admin that comes with the profession. For one academic year motor mouth and I shared the same admin time in an otherwise deserted staff room.

Soon tiring of his meaningless chatter; I soon resorted to playing Firestarter (it was not too long after Fat of the Land was released). Numpty would enter staff room, I would play firestarter, numpty started some marking, I played firestarter. If bored, I played it.

Eventually chatterbox started going to the library to work, so the need to play what is a very good peice of music abated. Some time later my then line manager took me to one side.
"Andrew ...."
"Have you been playing loud music?"
"Not often" (there is no point denying it).
"You know that *** complained about it to me".
"Thats nice", I was smirking at this point.
"So do you want me to stop".
"No Andrew I just dont want that moaning idiot wingeing"
"Fair enough".
For the rest of the year, chatterbox avoided coming in the staffroom whilst I was in there on an extended non teaching period; a result in my book.


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