Downside up ...

If you are a windows user, you may (or likely may not) know that if you press ctrl+arrow (in any direction), it will rotate the display.

To be honest, I can't remember when this was introduced, but like many windows shortcuts, it took some considerable time before it became a 'known fact'.

Now, one hapless colleague in our computing department was not respected for their technical ability. Often wandering around in a daze, they were better known for their disappearing acts rather than their teaching.

At one point, before flatscreen monitors, a colleague and I had managed to acquire 21 inch CRT monitors for our desks (long story, but in 1999 they were impressive). Jealous, this colleague would often ask us to source one for their use.

Eventually we became fed up, mainly as they hogged desk space and we changed to some nicer monitors with inbuilt speakers. To say that we were technologically superficial, is a fair statement.

So, I let the hapless colleague have my old monitor, they were a happy soul, unaware of my ulterior intent.

I waited a while, let them settle, become accustomed to their new toy and accept that it is reliable. Before I released my wit upon them.

So, i applied the short cut, ctrl+arrow, and inverted the display. They wandered into the staffroom, confused they asked everyone what was the matter with their monitor. Having tipped off the teccies who were used to my pranks and liked a laugh, they feined helpfulness and blamed all sorts but were bravely unsuccessful in fixing the issue.

At this point, I waded into the situation and offered to help, everyone backed off, hapless colleague looked dumbstruck as i tipped the monitor over 180 degrees and said "I am sure if you leave it like this for long enough, it will flip back".

The teccies smirking backed off, hapless colleague dumbfounded sat down and started working on their computer.

In a while they left the staff room to teach another session; giving me the chance to pop over and press ctrl+arrow again.

I guess they rotated their monitor back, who knows, after this, other colleagues would wander over and press ctrl+arrow when the hapless soul was out of the staff room and they would come in, shake their head whilst rotating their monitor.

Eventually they asked for a new (smaller) monitor, which we happily supplied. We resisted the temptation to continue with their torment, I am sure we were doing something else to them by this time.


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