A question on Packet Tracer Multiuser?

As part of ongoing research into simulation, we will be asking a large population of students their views on simulation.

Keen to avoid tainting the survey, it is not prudent to share the questions or the methodology yet, needless to say it has passed ethics clearance.

But has a large community, you all have a valid viewpoint, and in the long term with permission we may yet get to work together.

So, a really short survey, please add your responses to the poll top left (yes on this page on the blog).

Have you every used packet tracer multiuser (yes/no), and if so, can you add in your comments on this blog 'how and when'.

Thank you for your help.


  1. Would it not be more relevant to ask the questions to people who are working in the field?

    1. This is part of a bigger picture and more research is taking place, this data is part of a check' and compares in an interesting way to a more specific 'community of practice' that we are focusing on at the moment.

      Who would you reach and what would be the question you would ask.


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