Late night blogging ...

Napping in the afternoon on a Sunday is not the wisest of moves, in a fit of rebellion by body demands that I must stay up later to compensate. Sitting here, having watched some witty panel show comedy and a repeat of Top Gear, so two comedy shows in total. My thoughts, unintellectual they may seem, wander to the notion of blogging.

As those from history keep their journals and diaries, logging their daily thoughts, have I in my own way fallen into the same repetition of time immemorial. Unlike Pepys or his notable peers I am able to broadcast my musings to a larger audience at a click of an icon.

When the old journal writer did not like their work, they may have crossed it out or left it unattended, now one can edit on the fly any article liked or disliked alike. Better still, add more according to any personal whim that may occur.

Having added a couple of themed blogs, this (teraknor) still remains the most visited, but the two others, both linked to my twitter entities. Notable at the moment, my newest attempt, which I am still building and formulating over the last week is already getting a modest hit count for its few posts.

The nicest part of the blogging medium is that you can grow into it, wanting to blog for the sake of blogging itself has no point. You must have something to say and intended audiences, but, for me as a low level blogger, is when the trick comes.

One does not need to be tied into any pattern or method. For teraknor, I tend to write on matters that are professionally related, with a smattering of general observation and personal wit. The rules are generally quite open in this respect, for the others, they are on tighter themes telling a story on a given special interest.

I don't decide, that I must write an entry every week or day, instead only sharing when I have something to say. Which may be often or seldom, as you can see from the archive that can be varied.

So, what is the point, well, really if you want to write an article on your blog about nothing, like this, it can be done.


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