2000+ Linux Students cannot be wrong

Did some basic math today, since launching T155 Linux : an introduction in 2010, in only five presentations of our module, we have enjoyed 2000+ students. Whilst there are many @openuniversity modules attracting more students, and also many more attracting less. What still encourages me is the fact that during the approvals process, we were informed that there was no market for this type of module, as no one was doing it.

Well, now there is a notion.

At the moment, another 300+ has joined us, for their journey into the world of Linux. I wont make any boasts about the experience, we get a large number of students complete and in my biased opinion this module works.

Come October 2012, we will see the last presentation of this module, it was approved for six, as part of the normal academic process for 'exploratory modules'. But panic not, this is not the end, instead the start of a new opportunity.

From 2013 the faculty are launching a 'technology in practice' (TM129) module, as part of the first run, T155 and Linux becomes a key part of this interesting module, including Networking and Robotics, it will form part of what I feel is an informative mix.


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