There are times when to resist temptation is to resist a bout of Tourettes ....

I do envy the character of Father Jack Hackett, he says what we all think, at times i speak to some education professionals in my 'domain' and despair.

Dealing with a centre 'somewhere in england' who are struggling with the sheer workload of their qualification. 

At first i thought that this was a little misunderstanding, where they were a little emotional about having to do a little bit more than one would expect.

Nope, worse is the fact that they have built a culture over many years, where:
  • They have lost any real understanding of what the qualification is about
  • A culture of belts and braces where neither are needed
  • As the qualification has evolved, they have added layers
  • As the sector has changed, they do not seem to have done
  • Confusion over the simplest of concepts, where evolution, has become devolution and complaints that the nasty awarding bodies are being mean to them
Worse, even worse is that they are 'outstanding' in the eye of the inspection regime and in spite of the culture change in the demand for computing education, they are willingly giving students pointless activities to accomplish.

So, Jack 'arse biscuits' it is then.


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