Because someone says it is, is it?

Probably everyday (or at least nearly so) I encounter situations where I see, hear or read a matter where i wonder if the answer being given is actually valid.

I am not suggesting that there is a culture of deceit, ironically i feel that the majority of humanity, is honest giving what they feel to be a correct answer or explanation when presented with a question,

But, when you are dealing with a situation that demands a little bit more scrutiny, you discover that often the answer being given lacks any substance.

Two facebook conversations from today spring to mind, in both cases, those being observed are intelligent and capable, as well as relatively knowledgable souls.

Yet ....

The conversation goes off into a 'trust' in supposed authority, when they could be wrong, but because the 'supposed' authority may have said so, then its correct.

Now at this point you may ask yourself, what if you are wrong .... maybe i am? But then i bothered to check my own facts before tapping up this blog entry, did they check, I doubt this as i feel the need to have a micro-rant.

Therefore dearest reader, depending on the urgency and essence of the situation you are faced with, test your source, not the honesty, but the factual content. Chances are what they know, is based on a belief that may in fact be fallible.

Like me ....................


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