I write this knowing at least two people that I may upset ...

... but lets face it, will it stop me, no, not at all.

This is nothing offensive, unless you are really sensitive, in which case, best put your head in a bucket and go 'blah blah blah' it will help.

The new modern sacred cow I wish to offend is the concept of a 'search engine optimiser'.

When did such an inexact art become a science.

When did somebody decide that a forumule for internet hits, beyond any immediate control of the individual become a job role, and a well paid one it seems.

Like a shamen or fakir, the search engine optimiser (or SEO as they seem to like being called, seems to rattle some beads and possibly the entrails of the occasional dead chicken and behold your website increases its position in the ranks of the world wide google web.

Clever stuff.

So, joo joo is committed, and web site becomes popular.

The SEO (sorry i meant to say grand wizard of the net), does clever things with your site, pays for the right adwords, tags in the most appropriate way and tweets the best tweets and then one day, as if by magic .... it happens, you are there.

Ok, now, i dont do any of this, yet, i am slowly climbing the ranks of different searches.

Why is this, maybe i have these secret Jedi like powers, using the force, and some well place links/tweets/feeds i am getting noticed by the numbing void of the interweb.

Maybe i should seek indoctrination into the fellowship.


I wonder if there will soon be professional recognition for this art (spoke too soon http://www.seo.net/seo-professional-certificate)


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