recovering from my afternoon nap ...

I am pleased to share that i am not a frequent napper, in fact, now the off spring are older, one finds that at the moment one needs to nap less.

Having a PM snooze is quite the pleasure, but don't you hate the cold nose you get afterwards (unless its only me, where you are welcome to ignore this observation).

The point of sharing this is that with Christmas almost upon us, we tend to enter a period of semi-hibernation, enjoying friends, family and some flatulence inducing food.

Yet, i have to admit, in this post internet boom world, two facts concern me:

Yep ..... i am getting sales related emails already from eTailers i have used over the last few years, some for 'targeted' stuff i am unlikely to want to buy (the thrill of the fridge gets my Christmas spirit a tingling).

Also ..... one unnamed saddo sent a work related email today .... TODAY, matey you are in need of a grip get one, even a convinced workaholic like me has left it alone.

So, enjoy the season, enjoy Christmas and eat too much as you have eleven months to recover.


  1. PM naps are sorta nice this time of year but I usually wake up with, not a cold nose, but something akin to a hangover even if zero alcohol has been consumed, so I tend to avoid naps if I can.

    And a question - how did you know that you received a work related email?


  2. as all email lands at one final destination, so can see 'work' and 'personal' on my iThing .... i confess, i could not help reading it, so i could mock


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