Not the normal blog post, my research ...

Its been a good week, did more than i expect and less than i planned.

Apparently this is how it goes.

Monday was a very good day, after my work of last year, my friend Paul Wallin asked me back to spend time with his students at Kingston University. In many ways it was a repeat of previous work, so expected to learn nothing new. With 50+ students in the session, there was an unanticipated result which is both interesting and bothersome.

Rather than shrug, we will repeat the same experiment in the same room at the same scale but be more systematic about the last part (everyone connecting).

I would like to know if Packet Tracer has a limit for EIGRP peers, and if everyone joining at the same instance is still the real issue.

By Tuesday, i was into the papers, re-reading past papers and past notes i had regained some considerable lost ground.

Not that you want to know about Cognitive Apprenticeships, Zones of Proximal Development etc, but a good read was had.

Into Wednesday and i branched off into Transaction Distance, this one keeps coming back into my head over the week, i am wondering if this has significance.

Also had the pleasure of chatting to Ron, a good friend from the USA, some work we discussed in May is still slowly churning over, between us we gave it a gentle push forward.

Thursday, i did jump around a bit, managed to pop into the library, pick up a couple of books, including one on Adult Learning and the ideal of illegitimate peripheral participation.

Looked at some text by Luria and worked through some wider topics.

Today, it was a re-read of Lave and Wenger and some material by Vygotsky, that stuff is hard work.

I do wonder if our PT students yet have a community of practice.

Whilst this was all 'going on' i managed to create a PT on Mac fast track installation guide. I started this monday evening and had it out in the wild by Tuesday. Currently i have a world wide community of 55 testers all giving it a try out. So far so good, it seems to work and looks like i can use it as a tangent to my research and share it with our student at the Open University.

So have a couple of days next week to start writing this all up in academic terms and edit some other stuff on simulation.

Success in some ways, but no closer to the question yet!!!!


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