Milk Mayhem?

My wife and I are by no means experts in milk production - we know a little of the process and am sure that it will involve Cows somewhere in the experience. To this end, we are both amused and concerned regarded some of the debate regarding the cost of milk and what is being paid to farmers.

So there are no frivolous comments ...
We think all farmers should be paid a fair price.
What tickles us, in a cynical manner, is that a well known supermarket is offering a new range at ten pence per litre more, which will be passed onto the farmer. After a little research, we discovered that our preferred supermarket (you know, the one that gives away the free coffee), and a couple of others are already paying this figure without any pomp or ceremony.

So, coming this autumn, well known value supermarket chain will be offering a separate range of milk that will give their customers the choice to pay the farmer the same price at least three other supermarkets are already paying.
Now this is the point where you should stop and scratch your head and think?
So, after some research, we intend to stick to our preferred supermarket as they are being reasonable. I am sure that a couple of pence more per litre is still worth considering but in light of the overall problem we gibe them the thumbs up.

But, please do not think that this issue is solely restricted to your pint of white. What of yoghurt, baby milk, sauces, desserts, ice creams, cheese cream and many other products. Well, we think that these are still being purchased at the lower price with some very well know yoghurt brands taking the pee.

So, should we just be concerned about our pint of white, or is this really a concerted effort to have all milk products acquired at a fair price. It is certainly a thought - what do you think?


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