.@Microsoft Windows 10 is out and I will wait - I always do ...

Contrary to popular misconception I am not anti-Microsoft (well not too much) - I am sitting here on my Windows 7 machine typing this blog entry while a mac book air is next to me playing music and I have a Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine going through the final installation steps.

The reality is Microsoft have not done themselves any favours when it comes to Operating System continuity - there are still many corporate and home users the rue editions like:

  • Windows ME - I recall watching a colleague install this, bugger up their machine then roll back to Windows 98.
  • Windows Vista - this version became a swearword amongst many teccies - this version in part helped Mac OSX look slick and Linux seem sane.
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 - if Vista was bad, then 8.x was dire - I recall trying to solve a simple problem for a friend on it - giving up and installing chrome. Getting Internet Explorer to do anything useful was beyond me.
I am sure they have their fans - not that many would admit to this on the interweb.

On the other hand, I really liked XP and kept it as a virtual machine for some considerable time and still use Windows 7, but would I upgrade to Windows 10. The simple answer is not yet.

Experience has taught me to avoid beta testing on anything that matters and when a new operating version system comes out. Windows, Mac or Linux - wait - let everyone struggle. Let the developers discover new unanticipated bugs, patch these update the operating system and then go for a later more stable release.

To be fair (on Microsoft) general purpose operating systems will encounter bugs, Apple has not been immune nor has the Linux community. But not wishing to suffer them, I will wait. Its no different on my shiny smart phone - revisions appear and sometimes I can do without the pain.

While we may occupy a consumer driven world - having to have the latest whatever - when it comes to operating systems. I am more than happy to let you do the bleeding edge and then sit back and learn from the issues that may occur. I may be tempted to run a virtual machine for prototyping but never on bare metal - never a new version.


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