Dear @periscopeco pretty please Landscape please ... lots of @CiscoNetAcad bods want it ...

To the nice people at Periscope (I am sure you are nice), comes my plea for Landscape on your periscope platform. That simple flip of the aspect will be a wonderful bonus.

Since you stepped into the android world - we have been periscoping experimental sessions teaching nice enthusiastic networking geeks how to do clever and suitably nerdy things on networks. Using smartphone, tripod and computer we are zooming in/out, typing and trying to fit our work into the unusual world of portrait.

Portrait is great for people, places and situations - terrible for screens, tech and nerdy things.

We do not know where it is on your things to do list, but would love to encourage you with our appreciation of the platform. We are building up a small but enthusiastic following wanting to learn about routing, static routes and configuring stuff. It would be so much nicer if we could get that command line into the whole screen rather than have to wiggle the camera around on the tripod while typing.


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