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In a fit of academic madness, I decided that when Periscope was available for both Android and Apple that it would be time to experimentally use it for microteaching Cisco Networking topics.

Periscope is a live streaming / video casting service using your smartphone.

With a little support from some twitterati friends, we started pushing a graphic (to the right) promoting three sessions on the 1st of July 2015, at 07:00, 15:00 and 23:00 covering the subject of static routes.

The times were important as I could both stay awake and also cover most global time zones. The subject, I decided needed to be simple where I could introduce one clever command.

You can see the videos via ... as Periscope only retains the video for 24 hours.

The first challenge was holding the phone, to solve this issue, I purchased a bendy phone mount that clipped to my desk. By putting the phone between me and the screen, it enabled me to type while the camera was in focus. It reduced the shaky cam effect and enabled me to move between changing the focus and typing.

Because of the laptop screen refresh rate, occasionally my smartphone attempted to refocus the image. There were occasional blurred moments, which quickly rectified themselves.

It was an art of typing, talking and managing the camera - occasionally moving the mounting and changing the focus. One interesting affordance of Periscope at the moment is that it assumes you are going to broadcast in portrait not landscape.

I managed to keep each session to ten minutes with viewers on each and additional viewers watching the recordings. In terms of slick production values, I have a long way to go. As a start it is something I intend to tryout other sessions, camera angles and screen settings.

So are you interested, would you like to collaborate? I am looking for more ideas and opportunities to explore how we could teach by streaming services like Periscope.


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