Developments in Packet Tracer - Anywhere, using HTML5 for @CiscoNetAcad with @kmiou & @ict_forge ...

Over the last year I have presented hints about some work I am privileged to be part of. Involving KMi and FORGE, the project aims to develop future Internet technologies, enabling the simulation of networking technologies.

Cisco Systems, via their academy programme and under the thought leadership of Dennis Frezzo created Packet Tracer a pedagogical network simulator. Deployed on Windows and Linux systems as well as having an Android version. It offers a complimentary practical experience, enhancing the online teaching for IT Essentials, CCNA Routing and Switching and the CCNA Security curriculum.

The HTML Packet Tracer Front End
Looking to create an eBook that has inline practical activities, using the Apple iBook format. KMi are keen to leverage the success of the Open Universities iTunesU presence. After some initial hitches and technical experimentation, it was soon realised that the HTML5 affordance of the iBook means that Packet Tracer could be offered via any web browser.

The programmers (Aitor and Allan) along with the co-researchers (Alex and John) are doing a fantastic job. While there are many bugs to iron out and other features requiring development. The Packet Tracer HTML5 interface already allows devices to be added/removed/cabled as well as access to the command line on the switch, router and the PC (as seen below).

While much has yet to be accomplished, I feel that this shows progress and promise and we look to find scenarios where we may deploy this tool.

The PC Command Line 
The Router Command Line
The Switch Command Line


  1. Very nice - and HTML5 means that accessibility may be a winner too!


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