Call Centre 0 : Customer 1 ...

Excited by the prospect of an empty nest, wife and I decided to make a momentous investment ... in an unlimited cinema card.

Yes, you are correct; we really know how to live the high life.

Accounts created online; card ordered, money exchanged cards appear. However, we cannot seem to be able to book tickets in advance using either of our new fangled unlimited cards.

Sad face.

After numerous attempts, I call the help line. Impressed at how quickly a call centre soul picked up the call I explained how we kept getting ... "an error was encountered when trying to validate this card number".

The conversation went:
Try again in 15 minutes, I was told you have done something wrong. 
Nope, we are getting the same error. 
Have you incorrectly typed in the long card number? 
No, I have just copied and pasted the same number I have told you and you know who I am?  
You must have typed it wrong, erm, no, you have checked my credentials and I read out the number. 
You should wait 15 minutes, for the session to refresh.  
No, I last logged in at 07:55 this morning, but you helpline wasn't open until 10:00am, hence why I am calling you now. I don't want to be patronising, I work with tech and what you are telling me does not add up. 
I talk soul through the login process, described in detail each step. Wow same error message appears. 
Silence ... then, I will check with my supervisor. Then comes back in less than 60 seconds. We know the problem; there was a system error when generating cards, we will send you new ones. 
Ok, so I was correct then. 
Erm, this wasn't on my script. 
No, I suppose it wouldn't be.
So, texts promptly arrive with temporary details. Lets see if they muck this up.


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