Dear Universe ... for f**k sake please stop calling it ICT ...

Those who have taken the time to follow me over the years, well done; I appreciate the slog it must have been. By now you may have developed a small understanding of the way my mind works and have a view of the subjects I dislike (if not despair at).

May I there introduce the greatest culprit ... ICT ... Information and Communication Technology. A crap term that no better describes a pencil:

Than a comprehensive server infrastructure:

Both are information and communication technologies; one having greater meaning and more purpose in the context of computing than the other.

Don't get me wrong --- I like pencils, they are useful and possibly more reliable than any computer system I have ever encountered. But to use a crap term like ICT in education that covers such an extensive scope is in my mind the ultimate epitome of meaningless jargon.

Having visited many schools, where the teachers proudly tell me about their ICT curriculum. They do not know the suppressed rage I endure and the urge to wedge some real computing where the sun shines least.

Please call it computing, computer technology, network engineering, media, web development or any other bleeding thing. Or please be honest and state that you are teaching the kids to 'use computers'. Don't wrap it all up in ICT, its like saying that your driving instructor is teaching you to design automotive systems.


  1. lol - yet to those not in the know - you tell them what you do, and they automatically assume you can fix their home computer and that's the be all and end of it all :-)


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