Perspective, its about PERSPECTIVE! ...

Getting that all essential external view is a must for many educators and academics alike. Yet it still appalls (and amuses) me when I discover education establishments who struggle with this. 

A conversation last week, recounts the experiences of one soul who encountered hostility from management and colleagues because they dared to work as an external for an awarding organisation. Another soul shared how a contact, would have to pull sick leave to attend verifier events.

Now if you think that it is bad that educators do these extra jobs, then maybe you are already a bigger fool.

The reality is, for many who enter this world. They get a better, meta view of what is occurring within their discipline. Enabling their colleagues and students to be marginally ahead of the game. 

Recalling a time at a well known FE college, we all dispersed into different awarding organisations. Becoming, authors, verifiers, unit writers, consultants etc. Primarily working with the big three, aiming to have sight of the bigger picture as well as assuring some level of very modest influence over long term goals.

Having that perspective, contributed towards a grade one mentality. There is much more you need to do, but lets be realistic, this is a key factor as it enables the raising of standards.

It takes time, you cannot snap your fingers and believe that your team will suddenly become examiners, verifiers or the such like. It is not suited to many and it takes cultivation, patience and development.

So, if you are looking to develop your team and have others pay. If you are keen to raise standards and get ahead of the game. Then ... do think about it.


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